Romantic Ambiance

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Creating a Bedroom You’ll Love


Your bedroom should be a warm, intimate setting that reflects your cherished memories and personal taste—a place where inhibitions are cast aside and you allow yourself to be vulnerable. This Valentine’s Day, express your point of view by focusing on mood instead of style to create a romantic bedroom you’ll find hard to leave.  <Discover how. >


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The bedroom is your private haven where you can relax in the private company of those closest to you. It should be an expression of who you are as an individual or as a couple. As Valentine’s Day approaches, have your bedroom reflect these sentiments by simply adding four key mood elements to create an ambience you’ll love.


The Colors

Let your senses be your guide when you think about the colors of your bedroom, as they should be expressive and mirror your emotional levels. Soothing, warm and arousing, blues and browns accented with gradations of white are tremendously successful in the bedroom, as the combination is attractive to both sexes. Soft pastel colors are equally appealing to both men and women as they evoke gentle, relaxing feelings of desire.

Bring a little of the outdoors in by adding a large green plant and a monochromatic bunch of freshly cut flowers. Or consider vertically hanging narrow prints of a few botanicals —abstract or realistic—that inspire romance.


The Lighting

Relaxing and pleasing, bedroom lighting should vary and come from different sources. Above your bed, mount a pair of swing-arm wall lamps with a three-way switch, which you can set to shine brightly for reading in bed or dim for romance. The wall behind your bed is a key focal point in the room. Hang your favorite canvas transfers—a grouping of small pieces or a large one—that add to the ambience of romance. When you’re not in bed, adjust your swing-arm wall lamps to act as gallery lighting for your artwork.


The Bed

The focal point of your room, the bed should be luxuriously tantalizing yet comfortable and inviting. Choose the best linens you can afford—after all, you do spend about a third of your life in bed. Vary the textures as they evoke a sensuous feel. A soft heavily padded bed with pillows, blankets and throws is sexy, as is a bed simply made with pretty sheets. Consider placing complementary tapestries (sans rods) across the foot of the bed to add a unique look. Place your bed in the center of your longest wall, or where it looks best when you enter the room. Or place the bed where you can snuggle up and see the stars and moon at night.


The Art

If you don’t have a view, hang a framed print or photograph on the wall you face as you lie in bed. Perhaps it’s an image from a place you visited or vintage poster that reminds you of your first date. Whatever you choose, be sure that it conjures feelings of love and romance when you awake.  


The Wrap 

Add these key mood elements and watch your room transform into that wonderfully seductive place that reflects your style.