Transforming Overlooked Spaces

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Hidden in Plain Sight


Transform your home by adding these simple ideas to those overlooked spaces. <Read more. >


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Add these touches to neglected areas and create a cohesive, enviable look that pulls your home interior together beautifully.


Inviting Entryways

Far from being just a room to hang your coat, the entryway is your home’s first chance to make an impression.

— On the hallway table, arrange a bowl of fruit, a table lamp, and a decorative box below a large framed piece of original art or photography. The fruit easily add life and color to the composition.

— On the wall, vertically hang two small, framed botanical prints left of a mirror. Place a bench, large potted plant, or small table below the arrangement.


Attractive Stairways

Often overlooked, the stairway is a striking piece of architecture that is frequently viewed merely as a means upstairs. 

— Anchor the foot of your stairway with a solitary plant placed in a well-chosen container. A tall, regal gardenia tree, a Weeping Fig, or a great maidenhair fern not only adds presence but a touch of life from the outdoors.

— Draped elegantly on the wall above the banister, one sizable square tapestry, or two long panels, in rich colors exudes welcoming style.


Fashionable Bath Retreats

Viewed only as a functional space by many, the bathroom is a blank canvas ready to express your style and mood.

— Create easy bathroom chic by adding colorful bath linens. Yellow infuses the room with sunshine and warmth, while white gives a crisp, clean feel. Luxurious hues of violet, blue, or green enrich and add depth.

— Hang photographs, in strategic places so that they are reflected in the bathroom mirror. Well-chosen art, such as inspiring landscapes, can enhance ambience.


Kitchen Flair

Commonly associated with scrumptious aromas, the kitchen sometimes lacks décor.

— On the counter, place a tray of ready-to-go tea necessities next to a table lamp. The soft light from the lamp sumptuously transforms your kitchen’s mood.

— Above the counter, hang beautifully framed kitchen art. Three small, framed vintage prints of fruits or vegetables add simple sophistication, while a pair of fine art prints of food in bold colors creates a touch of Tuscany or the sunny Southwest. 


Visit for originals, fine prints, and photography to help transform your overlooked spaces into the style that reflects you.